Optical Illusion Lamp

is that a normal glowing bulb?
optical illusion lamp
bulbing, an optical illusion LED lamp | designed by nir chehanoswki of studio cheha

Though it appears as a 3D lightbulb, but in reality it's actually a completely flat 2D LED lamp.
BULBING, an Optical Illusion versatile flat LED lamp:
~ The frame, made of thin sheet of acrylic glass, is inserted into a wooden base.
~ It uses energy-efficient LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hour.
optical illusion LED lamp

You can visit kickstarter, if you wanna know more about it.
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Optical Illusion Pool

what's that ... just a 3D swimming pool?
Optical Illusion Pool

The photo you're watching above, look like a deep swimming pool.

But in reality no pool is there, what gives the impression of a pool is actually a painting. The 50-foot long 3D pool is actually 2D painting on a flat carpet, which makes only sense if one watch it from certain point if view.

Optical Illusion Swimming Pool

The 'hypnotic pool' named 'POOL, loss of color' is an awesome art installation by Jeroen Bisscheroux created this year in Osaka, Japan.
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Upside Down Portrait Optical Illusion

watch how a portrait changes it look depending how one sees it ... in normal view or in upside-down view
Upside Down Portrait Optical Illusion Upside Down Portrait Illusion
Upside Down Self Portrait | created by painter Fumito ITO [via ~ anopticalillusion]

Initially what look like a Chinese man with glass, black hair, mustache, and a goatee .. converted into smiling bald-head man with a full beard .. while turned upside down.
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Goatee: It refers to a style of facial hair incorporating hair on a man's chin. [wikipedia]


Four White Rings Optical Illusion

watch how this magician creates a mesmerizing optical illusion with just 4 white rings
Amelymeloptical illusion | created by French juggler Lindzee Poi

Have you attentively watched this incredible performance, named 'Amelymeloptical illusion' by French juggler and illusionist Lindzee Poi?

Now, tell us, how this illusion is created?
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Newspaper Classified Advertisement Optical Illusion

an eye-catching print ad that will make you stop while reading the newspaper
Newspaper Classified Advertisement Optical Illusion
creative '3D Classified Ads' created for Corona kitchen by Felipe Salazar

Felipe Salazar, a creative Director of an advertising agency in Colombia, converts a local newspaper's classified sections into a 3D kitchen for his client Corona Kitchen.

Simply by stretching and rearranging advertisement text he cleverly generate a three-dimensional outline of a kitchen.


Half-Flooded Room Optical Illusion

is that room half-filled with water in which furniture are floating?
half-flooded room optical illusion
Green House | created by Kyung Woo Han

No, that's just a cleverly created 3D optical illusion art installation.

The room isn't half-flooded and those chairs aren't floating in it at-all. Rather it's a cleverly constructed room, named 'Green House,' by Korean artist, Kyung Woo Han. He combined the perfectly applied water-colour on floor and wall, along-with distorted furniture, suspended with wire to make people fool into thinking they're actually looking at a half-flooded room.
[via ~ itsnicethat]


Lion Tree Optical Illusion

what you notice first .. Tree or Lion?
lion tree optical illusion
who the artist is?

Cleverly drawn ambiguous painting gives the impression of both the lion and the tree simultaneously.

BTW, truly speaking it's not that perfect optical illusion, relating tree, we've seen earlier.
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