Sunday, August 31, 2014

The End And Puzzle Optical Illusion

THE END and PUZZLE optical illusion
THE END and PUZZLE optical illusion | created by Peter Newell

As we turn the image (with word "the end") upside down, it will reveal a completely new word "puzzle."

PUZZLE and THE END optical illusion

BTW, this ambigram is from the last page of Peter Newell's "Topsys & Turvys," a 1893 released puzzle book. While inverted, each page of the book reveal a completely different image.

You can buy the puzzle book "Topsys & Turvys" at Amazon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Girls In White Optical Illusion Painting By Oleg Shuplyak

how many human-beings are there?
Girls In White Optical Illusion Painting By Oleg Shuplyak
Girls In White | painting by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak

You can easily spot two girls in white dress struggling to hold umbrellas in windy weather. But that isn't the answer. There is another old man hiding in this painting .

Failed to spot it?

Take few steps back from your monitor and you can easily spot an old face looking leftwards.
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Hidden Face Illusion

can you find the hidden face?
Hidden Face Illusion
created by Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz

It is not a general landscape where a medieval guy looking at a valley down there, rather an ambiguous landscape featuring a hidden face as-well.

You need to focus just on the tree - it branches forms the face of a guy.
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Ship Of Fools, an optical illusion painting series by the same artist, where you'll see how some medieval scene changes into skull,.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spinning Rings Optical Illusion

spinning rings change direction when you look at them
Rotating Rings Optical Illusion
developed by professor Arthur Shapiro

If you focus on the right ring, the left appears to be spinning clockwise. However, as you focus on the left one, the right appears to spin clockwise.

But in reality they're not switch direction. Both of the ring, all the time, spinning anticlockwise.

Then, why this happen?

Actually those rings are made of two components: the spots and the stripes inside. When, you fixed your vision on a particular ring, the brain  notice the motion of the spots, and not the stripes inside the spots. Hence the ring seems spinning anticlockwise. But, when the ring is viewed in peripheral vision, the brain processes the motion of the stripes, hence the ring seems spinning clockwise.

BTW, the same visual scenario can be viewed at Rotating Snake illusion.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yes Or No Optical Illusion

an ambiguous sculpture that read differently from different angles
Yes or No Optical Illusion
Yes No | created by Swiss sculptor Markus Raetz

While viewed from one angle, the sculpture reveal the word "YES". But as you move to a different view point it shows "NO".

BTW, you can view a similar "yes no" typographical sculpture by the same artist in Geneva. Which seen as "oui" (yes) from one angle and and "non" (no) from another.

Yes No Optical Illusion Yes and No Optical Illusion
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Toy Soldiers Optical Illusion

how many toy soldiers are standing on the paper?
Toy Soldiers Optical Illusion


No, it isn't 6.

Among those soldiers only one is real toy soldier and rest of the 5 are anamorphic drawing.

Watch the GIF below for proof.

Toy Soldiers Illusion
who the creator is?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Watercolor Illusion

what color does the interior of the figure actually have?
Watercolor Illusion
Watercolor Illusion | observed by Baingio Pinna

Though it look like a lighter shade of orange, but in reality it is entirely white.

First described by Italian vision scientist Baingio Pinna in 1987, this is known as the "watercolor illusion" or "watercolor effect."

It says, if you have a figure(polygon) with dark outer border and a bright inner border of a complimentary color, then the blank(white) interior of the figure will appears to be filled in by a pale tint of the inner color.

It works best if the figure is with a purple outer border and an orange inner border.
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