Friday, September 19, 2014

Hidden Skull Illusion

Can you spot the hidden skull?
Hidden Skull Illusion
Four (Illusion) by Tony Corkery

Just take few steps back from your monitor and this fantasy-art of a  woman, standing in-front of two candle holders, wearing a white hooded cloak and black shirt, with her arms extended  on a group of white and black candles transform into a scary skull.

Those two candle holders behind her form the eyes of the skull, her shirt becomes the nose and the rows of candles transform into the teeth.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blue And Green Spirals Optical Illusion

The Blue and The Green Spirals are actually the same color.
blue and green spirals optical illusion

Then why they look different?

The reason they look different colors is because our brain judges a color by comparing it to surrounding colors.

Still not believe me? Well, put the image into Photoshop and change all of the other colors to black and the result will mesmerizes you.

Undoubtedly, one of the best color optical illusion I've ever published in this optical illusion blog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Skull Hair Optical Illusion

Can you spot the hidden skull?
skull hair optical illusion
Rites of Passage | created by Winnie Truong

Just focus on her beautiful hairstyle, and you'll immediately spot the scary skull.

BTW, I think guys will find the skull earlier than girls .. as they would make them busy in understanding the hairstyle itself rather than the illusion. Isn't?

Mozart's Musical Hair Optical Illusion

Can you find anything interesting in this portrait of Mozart?
Mozart's Musical Hair Optical Illusion
Mozart Musical Hair | created by Shigeo Fukuda 

The secret is hidden in his hair.

It isn't a carefree hair style, rather cleverly styled to represent an orchestra.
Here are few more illusions by famous Shigeo Fukuda:

Optical Illusion Cycling Outfit

are those six cyclists from Colombia women's cycling team partially nude?
Colombian women's cycling team
Colombian women's cycling team in skin-toned uniforms at Giro Toscana, Italy

No, that's not skin .. they aren't wearing transparent racing uniform. Those women look exposed because of flesh-coloured (around the groin area) cycling outfit.

BTW, don't you think it's the Worst Sport Outfit ever?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Distorted Circle Illusion

is the circle in this image is perfectly round or not?
Distorted Circle Illusion

Yes, the circle is perfectly round. Then, why it looked distorted? It because of those perfectly placed straight lines in the background.

BTW, if you want to know how this illusion works, you need to go-through Zollner illusion and Ehrenstein illusion.

Anamorphic Skull Optical Illusion

Dead Media by Noah Scalin

The installation, made from 497 VHS video cassettes, make sense only if you watch it from a certain point of view. From any other angle it is just a pile of cassettes, which don't represent any meaningful thing.
Also watch:
Paris Globe Garden, another great example of anamorphic art installation.
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